ACES is an acronym – Assess * Collaborate * Execute * Strategize

ef·fi·cien·cy – noun: the state or quality of being efficient. Synonyms: organization, regulation, coherence, productivity, effectiveness, competence, capability, ability, proficiency, expertise, skill …

My passion and highest priority is to use my clinical skills and expertise to reduce/remove wasted planning and design time and effort so that the end-result is streamlined, efficient, functional and visionary.

Incorporating perspectives from a clinician with a wide variety of experience in multiple settings sets the stage for more productive team interaction by setting the baseline closer to reality and practicality which will decrease costs in the long run, increase patient and staff satisfaction, decrease adverse events incorporating intentionality and a foundation for future growth and adaptability maximizing financial resources. Aligning patient care and clinical workflows with technology, healthcare industry regulation and construction code requires inside knowledge to have successful communication, coordination, and facilitation.  This alignment is the most important aspect in a successful construction project.

Being involved during the planning stage of the healthcare project, I am able to put my insight and experience to its greatest benefit.  My “assessment” skills include an eye for process and efficiency, use of space, including impact on workflow of the users for the entire spectrum from nursing, providers, technology (including IT, EMR & equipment), facilities, biomed, EVS, patients and families, supply chain, vendors, waste, and regulatory impact throughout the interface of clinical and construction requirements.

Advisory / Consulting Services

 Operational Planning/Workflow Design:

o Work with owners and project team from project conception through creation including visioning, discovery, assessment and development to support strategic, operational, functional and space planning business goals

o Apply clinical and administrative experience and expertise for pre-design and transition planning to define the future state for both clinical and non-clinical applications

o Conduct activities to support the project within budget, schedules, timelines and milestones

o Provide assessment of process and efficiency, use of space, impact on workflow of the end-users while partnering with client and project team to align patient care and clinical workflows with technology, healthcare industry regulation and construction code

Clinical Planning and Transition/Activation Support:

o Clinical liaison/resource support to project team and owner’s representative, design and construction teams, architects, contractors, and consultants facilitating quality and supporting clinical related issue resolution during the construction of the capital project. o Partner as clinical resource and advisory support with activation and transition activities including move-in process including the coordination and installation of medical and IT equipment, furniture, signage; collaborating with leadership on education, training and orientation activities; and facilitation of postoccupancy issues.

Systems Analysis and Process Improvement:

o Clinical informaticist providing clinical expertise to help define the use and integration of standard content into applications and identify areas where advanced programming can extend the capabilities. Provide support and experience for content enhancements for testing, client support, education/training, and assist in building the clinical content into EMR (Meditech-ORM/MM/PCS).

o Evaluate policies, procedures, processes and objectives to be able to facilitate the design and implementation of business, industry practices and process improvement solutions.

o Initiate process change by new process integration with existing ones, providing communication, education and resources utilizing Lean Six-Sigma and Lean methodologies to drive process improvement and cost-reduction initiatives to improve workflows, patient outcomes and efficiency.

o Support resource optimization, standardization, and parallel work – matching available resources including software data clean-up and optimization, developing and integrating existing and new technology solutions.