ACES is an acronym – Assess * Collaborate * Execute * Strategize

Why does it matter?

ef·fi·cien·cy – noun:  the state or quality of being efficient. Synonyms: organization, regulation, coherence, productivity, effectiveness, competence, capability, ability, proficiency, expertise, skill …  I’m not unique in being in a situation where a little planning would have gone a long way.  In healthcare, I have been on the receiving end of projects that took months and even years to plan and implement only to experience major gaps that created situations and problems that could have been prevented if only feedback from someone who understood both the why it needs to be that way construction perspective and why it matters end-user perspective had been included during the planning and development stages.  This wasn’t a lack of skill and experience – just a gap in communication between very different industries and perspectives.

My passion and highest priority is to use my clinical skills and expertise to reduce/remove wasted planning and design time and effort so that the end-result is streamlined, efficient, functional and visionary.

To me – anything – that isn’t working in its simplest form only needs to be tweaked to become just that. Simple (as possible) and efficient. That’s what I love and when even simple things give people more time to do what they want or need to do – then its a win.