Business is business – self employed or a large company, and chances are most of the day is spent working on daily tasks, solving problems, and fighting fires. At the end of the day, what probably doesn’t get done is taking the time to do process improvement of those business operations & systems of your “framework” which is where I can help.

My experience in business process reengineering allows me to leverage my in-depth industry knowledge of business & healthcare environments to come along side you to increase operational efficiencies.   I will work with you to identify those areas that are costing time and money due to rework, bottlenecks, and inefficient processes.  I will also strive to understand your company’s strategic, organizational and business challenges so that I will be able to offer solutions and make recommendations.  My in-depth understanding of business, industry requirements and systems and will focus on:  

Systems Analysis and Process Improvement:

Clinical informaticist providing clinical expertise to help define the use and integration of standard content into applications and identify areas where advanced programming can extend the capabilities. Provide support and experience for content enhancements for testing, client support, education/training, and assist in building the clinical content into EMR (Meditech-ORM/MM/PCS).

Evaluate policies, procedures, processes and objectives to be able to facilitate the design and implementation of business, industry practices and process improvement solutions.

Initiate process change by new process integration with existing ones, providing communication, education and resources utilizing Lean Six-Sigma and Lean methodologies to drive process improvement and cost-reduction initiatives to improve workflows, patient outcomes and efficiency.

Support resource optimization, standardization, and parallel work – matching available resources including software data clean-up and optimization, developing and integrating existing and new technology solutions.